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Ohio Valley Wrestling fans
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Josie~! (minus the pussycats) 
14th-Oct-2008 09:21 pm
women wrestling
Christy Hemme and Lance Rock wrestled Eric Young and an unidentified women's wrestler in a dark match prior to Bound for Glory. The women's wrestler in question is Sojourner Bolt, who wrestled Awesome Kong on Impact a few weeks ago. Bolt is of course Josie from Ohio Valley Wrestling. She also wrestled Kong at Slammiversary, who defeated her and Serena Deeb in consecutive matches. Chicago Sun-Times writer Elliot Harris accompanied Christy Hemme in the match as her "personal escort." He's a sports columnist for the newspaper and often features photos of scantily-clad women in his sports columns. In a column he wrote last week, he included TNA photos of Christy Hemme and Karen Angle, which you can see at the following link. Also, the dark match took place in the Steel Asylum cage, but wasn't used.

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