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OVW TV Results June 28. New OVW Champion 
30th-Jun-2008 11:26 am


Brewski murdered Milton with vicious blows and put him away with the Pounce. Brewski has a Putski like physique and is a polish bar fighter. His matches are short but intense and the fans definitely are behind him. Brewski is a shorter Batista and matches his intensity. He has the facial hair of a lord of the ring character.


Insurgency won with a cheap flag shot. Post match they beat up the Homers until the Men of Iron made the save.

TANK TOLAND def. LUMPY MAGOO - Toland made mincemeat of Magoo who is becoming the most popular jobber of OVW. Toland uses the Power Trip for his finisher. Chris Cage came in at the end to jump Toland.


Serena is then being interviewed by Stephanie about the Women's title. Josie interrupts, and Serena answers saying she'll defend the title any place or any time. The other divas of OVW then come in to repeat what Serena just said. I have no idea what this means.



This match was non title and was a faster pace then OVW. MOI had the upper hand until Cardinal hit a short arm clothesline on the outside. Conway made the tag to Buck who cleaned house and finished him off with a 360 spin kick. Buck climbed to the top and was hit from behind with an Iraq flag allowing Cardinal to win. The Insurgency then set up the flag and tried to light it on fire. Conway came back in and laid out the Insurgency with a steel chair and challenged them to a flag match on July 4.

A Frat Pack video was shown with them talking to James Thomas about being a recruit for their fraternity



JD puts away another Mobile Homer, thank Jesus, with a ratings spike rude awakening. JD has a new white title, which mysteriously changed from red to white in a week. This was a really good match though.


Al Barone The "MOB" video was aired. He quotes Scarface then talked about having a little friend, but doesnt need one. It sounded better when he said it.


VAUGHN LILAS & APOC vs. LOS LOCOS - Locos now consists of Rudy Switchblade and Raul Loco. I have no idea where this came from. They walked around the crowd like the Locos use to do and shake everyones hand. Then came back and pointed to the curtain showing an injured Ramon Loco who came out to a nice reaction. I almost missed this because I cant stand the crowd entrance and my pointer finger was itchy to fast forward. There really was no match as Apoc and Lilas got disqualified and quickly attacked Ramon. Refs came out to make the save.


Bravado captures the OVW Championship and with good cause. This match went back and fourth and was very old school. Bravado is more than just a bodybuilder, he gets better every match. Bravado went for his jackhammer finisher several times, as did Nick for his cloverleaf. After Nick missed a dive over the top rope, Bravado hit the jackhammer and beat Nick for the title. There was no cheap roll up, just a plain victory which was a nice touch for a new champion.


Overall: Decent show. I wish there were more matches, or at least longer ones and less backstage segments, especially when a lot of them are repeats of week befores.

Even though he's yet to debut, I heard that Al Barone could be the next on WWE television as he may be a part of Santinos stable. I also heard that the Men of Iron could be apart of that stable as well.

It's nice to see a new young champion. Nick was the first person to take the title once OVW seperated from WWE. Now that OVW is becoming a hotbed for talent again, it is obvious that Bravado is leading the way. Bravado might be the next one taken up by WWE as he does have the exact look they want. JD Michales has restored credibility to the TV title week after week. The OVW ladies division has been better with Serena back, but still lacks talent. I was dissapointed to not see a Joey Matthews babyface return.


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