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Ohio Valley Wrestling fans
THE OVW Fan Community
Charlestown, IN 6/26/2008 
27th-Jun-2008 10:32 am
slick like rick

Before 80 fans at the Charlestown Civic Center.

Fang pinned Chris Gile to open the evening. Fang was again at a size disadvantage against the stars and stripes Jamz clad Giles. Giles slapped Fang around the ring for a several minutes before Fang came back with some Stinger Splashes and a cross-body splash for the win.

Rough Rida Rashaad & D-Bo defeated Sergio & Ranger Milton. Rashaad is a hefty man but very mobile, shockingly mobile, he hit a few reverse heel kicks like Johnny Jeter utilized heavily, however his offense was cut short when attempting a Vader-bomb and Sergio shoved him off the ropes. The heels isolated him. Rashaad was able to get the hot tag to D-Bo after the heels grabbed Rashaad's gallon jug of purple drank and taunted the crowd with it. D-bo cleaned house and pinned Sergio following a sidewalk slam.

Al Barone pinned Shiloh. Another size mismatch as Barone nearly dwarfed Shiloh. Shiloh started out trying for single leg take downs but was stuffed each time. Barone grabs him and hits a black hole slam then begins toying with Shiloh. He begs Shiloh to hit him, Shiloh tires but Barone laughs it off. Shiloh comes back with a drop kick but Barone grabs him mid-air for a Samoan Drop and the pin.

Dirty Money pinned Lumpy Magoo. Lumpy it appears is supposed to sort of a manchild wrestling savant, sort of like Pee Wee Herman meets Eugene. Money tries to lock up but Lumpy ducks to tie his boots. Dirty Money gets enraged and starts beating Lumpy corner to corner until he misses a splash. Lumpy makes a comeback and tries to go up top but decides the ropes are too high, he climbs back down only to get hit with an impaler DDT for the pin fall.

The Mobile Homers won a 3-way tag match over The War Party & Theta Lambda Psi. Adam Revolver found himself overwhelmed by the two heel teams pretty quickly. The heels however couldnt agree on who would get the pin and dissension broke out. Manbeast & Revolver sneaked up behind the four heels and gave them a group head knock. Manbeast helped clean house and Revolver hit a Russian Leg Sweep on Garrison from Theta Lambda Psi for the pin.

Rudy Switchblade pinned Turcan Celik. Rudy worked well with the still green Turcan. This was Rudy's lucha-influenced fast paced style against the Insurgency's powerhouse. Rudy tried to outpace Turcan early but Turcan laid in a couple on shoulder blocks then slammed Rudy down to the mat. Rudy got the where-with-all to duck Turcan's next charge and let him throw himself from the ring. Rudy taunted Turcan from the ropes and enraged the Insurgent. Turcan got back in the ring and slowed Rudy with a rear headlock. Rudy came back though and grabs a pin fall with an Oklahoma Roll.

Igotta Brewski pinned TV Champion JD Michaels in a non-title match. Man JD Michaels just screams X-Pac heat. I dont know what it is with this guy but I just dont want to see him the second he comes out. He can wrestle, he looks like a wrestler but something just makes doesnt click for me. Brewski is a massive man, looks similar to Bruiser Brody if he had been in Animal House. Brewski can move for a man of his mass as well. He connects with the crowd and makes his matches fun. My only critique is please change the first name. Igotta Brewski comes off way too cheesy. As for the match JD spent most of it taunting the one guy he was getting legit heat from. Brewski absorbed JD Michaels offense and watched Michaels duck out as Brewski generated his own. Brewski finally chased Michael back into the ring and finished him off with a spear.

Nick Dinsmore, Tag Champion Rob Conway & Joey Matthews defeated Apoc, Vaughn Lilas & OVW Heavyweight Champion Anthony Bravado. Jamin Olivencia accompanied the heels out but found himself ejected quickly as he tried to trip up Matthews. Matthews while making sure the ref was ejecting Jamin found himself overwhelmed by the heels. Conway lead the crowd in encouraging Matthews back to his feet. Once Conway got the hot tag all the face cleaned house and hit their finishers together for a 3-way pin-fall and submission ending.
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