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OVW TV Results June 7 
9th-Jun-2008 11:30 am

IGOTTA BREWSKI def. DIRTY MONEY - Brewski is a bar fighter and is having short matches and killing people with the pounce.

A video was shown of Anthony Bravado being recruited by Bin Hamin to help take on the Ironmen and Paul Burchill at six flags. 

JOEY MATTHEWS def. TED "THE TRAILER" MCNALER- A lot of stiff shots and good action. Joey sidestepped Ted and hit his double underhook ddt for the pin.

THE INSURGENCY def. THE MOBILE HOMERS - Mobile Homers dominated most of the matchup until Hamin interfered allowing Ali to hook the camel clutch. No mention of Ackbar.

A video was shown of Cardinal telling Dirty Money he was a chump change for caring what people thought of him and thats why he was a loser. Cardinal told him to watch how its done.


SCOTT CARDINAL def. LUMPY MAGOO- Lumpy Magoo is a big oversized nerd character that reminds me of somehting in the WWE early 90's up with Mantour. Cardinal got on the mic stating how disrespectful that fans are to him, and even put down the smart fan section saying they cheer for him because they are scared not to. Cardinal beat up Magoo and pinned him easy.




Overall: Another solid show. OVW used this one to introduce a lot of characters and to advertise for Six Flags with the main event being Ironmen/ Paul Burchill facing Bravado/Insurgency. JD winning the title is a nice touch. Still no Dinsmore, which is a huge negative.

JD MICHAELS def. "TUBBY" TOMMY MCNALER (C) - JD was in control most of this match and Tubby had some great moments using his offensive moves which consisted of biting. JD receives his first OVW championship after beating tubby with the rude awakening that he calls the Ratings Spike.

THE MEN OF IRON (C) def. SHILOH & SERGIO - The MOI ate the other time alive and had all of the offense in this short match. Conway hit a standing rockbottom and Buck came off the top with a high cross body for the three.
9th-Jun-2008 05:00 pm (UTC) - Six Flags?
Any results from Six Flags? I know Lawler beat Bravado and Rudy Switchblade beat JD Michaels. Any other results?
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