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OVW TV Spoilers for 3/1/2008

Pre-taping Dark Matches.

Special Guest Ring Announcer Beth Phoenix introduced Josie and Katie Lea as Josie defeated Katie Lea to become the new OVW Women's Champion.

Chris Cage pinned Jaden (Johnny) Jeter. Jeter was sporting his new Rocker look complete with eyeliner and carrying a guitar.

JD Michael pinned Lupe Viscara.

Taping opened with Johny Punch ending his 123 match losing streak by pinning Drew MacIntyre. Drew went to splash Punch in the corner but over shot and knocked himself out on the post. Punch didn't know what to do at first but finally realized he should cover Drew for the win. As Punch celebrated Jay Bradley hit him with the Boomstick. Bradley demanded someone come out and return his title that he never lost due to the fact that he was holding the apron. Nick Dinsmore came out and said he wouldnt hand Bradley the title but would face him again in the main event.

In a four way tag match to decide the OVW Southern Tag Titles Los Locos defeated Stu Sanders & Paul Burchill, The Mobile Homers, and The Insurgency. Post match Burchill & Sanders raised Los Locos hands. Birchill was the first person of the night to look on the verge of tears as they walked through curtain back to the locker room.

Anthony Bravado pinned Justin LaRouche in about 3 minutes to squash the five minute challenge.

Charles The Hammer Evans & Matt Sydal defeated Mike Kruel & Vladimir Kozlov (w/ Roucka).

Colt Cabana pinned Shawn Spears to end Spears' career. The two traded many near falls throughout this match. After a ref bump Spears grabbed a chair and was about to lay out Cabana when CM Punk hit the ring and took the chair. While Punk jawed with Spears Cody Runnels hit the ring and then laid out Spears. Cabana covered Spears and Spears was in utter shock as the three faces posed and gloated over his retirement.

Nick Dinsmore submitted Jay Bradley with the Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring to retain the OVW Southern Heavyweight Title.

Post Taping dark matches:

Erik Doom pinned Armando Alejandro Estrada. Estrada got back into the ring post match but simply placed his hat, mic and a cigar in the middle of the mat.

Jamin Olivencia retained the OVW TV Title in a three way over James Curtis and Elijah Burke.

Dre Blitz scored a pinfall by reversing an inside cradle on Andrew Vein. Post match Dre danced with super popular OVW referee Goose Mahoney. This was Goose's farewell to OVW as he is under contract and moving with the other talent to Florida.

Timmy Baltimore introduced CM Punk to address the crowd but Domino hit the ring instead. He went on and on about how everyone really came to see him. Punk finally came out and asked Domino to leave only to find himself double teamed by Domino and Seth Skyfire. Colt Cabana made the save and thus a tag match featuring the Second City Saints against Domino & Skyfire was on. Punk pinned SKyfire after the GTS. Post match Punk gave an impassioned speech about how a goal of his was to have a PPV poster hanging in Davis arena alongside the ones there already. He thanked the fans and thanked all the people who couldnt be there (such as Brent Abright),he stated that it wasnt just the "boys" who made OVW it was the fans, he closed by saying it wasnt good-bye but "See You Soon." Punk promised to wrestle there again.

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