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Ohio Valley Wrestling fans
THE OVW Fan Community
June 10th, 2010 
03:53 am - OVW Homecoming

In the business of professional wrestling, wrestlers develop strong relationships with promoters who either treat them very well, or help them reach new heights in the business. They also develop bonds with the fans of the companies with which they work. Because of these special bonds, when they can, wrestlers will return to territories for special shows. On Wednesday night, June 9th, several wrestlers from Ohio Valley Wrestling's past returned to the Davis Arena in Louisville for one of those special shows, called OVW Homecoming.

A great crowd witnessed this homecoming of names from OVW's past and loved every minute. In the opening match of the evening, Guido Andretti defeated Cash Flo. In the next match, Jason Lee lost to Randy Royal. The next match pitted Chris Alexander, against Johnny Spade which resulted in great action and divided fans in the house. Ultimately, Spade got the victory.

To read the rest of my report, please click here.

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